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Patricia Hurley, D.C.
Rehabilitation Specialist

My passion for helping others comes from a profound respect and understanding of the human body and how we heal.  I work to empower and inspire patients to learn how to care for their bodies and have the tools to successfully manage and maintain a strong, balanced body at any age.

My training as a Doctor of Chiropractic and as a Rehab Specialist has provided the solutions for a healthy, strong, active lifestyle.  I have found that maintaining mobility and a healthy posture to be essential for me to live and function without pain.

My Story

Like many of my patients, I was seeking solutions to manage pain and injuries. 

I was a competitive athelete as a child and enjoyed gymnastics, track, basketball and  women's football.
At the age of 18 I was severely injured in an auto accident and these injuries were the catalyst in becoming a chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist.

My neck, face, back, ribs and liver were injured.  The injuries I sustained both as an athlete and from the accident caused chronic pain. 

I began my education seeking both understanding and relief.

Education, Awards and Continuing Studies

Honors graduate - Life Chiropractic College West
Recipient of the Clinical Excellence Citation
Recipient of the New Doctor of the Year Award
Three year post-graduate study in Chiropractic Rehabilitation
Certifications in Pilates, Essential Exercise, Kenesiology Taping
Additional studies and interests include:
Neurokinetic Therapy, Foot and Gait Training, Balance and Fall Prevention, Ergonomics and Posture, Post Surgical Rehab, Chronic Pain Management, Functional Blood Chemisty, Anti-inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle, Developmental Delays affecting coordination.