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Solutions for Pain, Posture and Performance
The importance of healing well from any type of injury is best achieved by restoring proper function.  If the body heals with poor function the injuries tend to reoccur, with episodes becoming more frequent and more painful.  This cycle can lead to chronic pain and loss of mobility.  The body learns to avoid certain movements due to pain. Immobility creates weakness, scar tissue, muscular imbalance and stiffness.  Joint health, including the spine and extremities, need motion to prevent accelerated degeneration from poor healing.
Chiropractic Services
Treatments are a blend of traditional, but gentle, chiropractic spinal adjustments, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, and trigger point inspired therapies.  Shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, wrists, ankles and feet are all part of a comprehensive treatment approach.  Addressing both the joints and soft-tissues improves and maintains motion and flexibility.

Soft-Tissue Therapy
Here at Chiropractic Solutions we are fascia nerds.  Soft-tissue pain and adhesions contribute greatly to how we move.  Every movement is really a chain of events, nothing moves independently.  Fascia and scar tissue can entrap nerves and create poor movement patterns.  Over time chronic pain, decreased strength and loss of flexibility develop and contribute to the degeneration of joint health.  Addressing both the joints and soft-tissues improves and maintains motion and flexibility.
Rehabilitation and Posture
Reducing the risk of re-njury is where rehabilitation and ergonomics target poor posture and movement patterns.  Rehabilitation retrains the deep spinal muscles which stabilize alignment and maintains a healthy posture.  Learning how to move from a functional basis to stabilize and strengthen the core often changes chronic pain  patterns.  Low tech tools like foam rollers, gymballs and your own body weight are used to provide exercises specific for your needs.  Thirty years of rehabilitation experience combine tools from Pilates, Foundation Training, Neuromuscular Re-education and Spinal Stabilization to create a simple home program for each patient.